Protecting IP while allowing Startups in Europe to flourish

Tuesday  9 May  2017  4:00 PM    Tuesday  9 May  2017 6:00 PM
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Protecting IP while allowing Startups in Europe to flourish


Discussione sulla Riforma Europea del Copyright

Copyright in the Digital Single Market

Will the EU Copyright reform screw up your next funding round? Join us for a workshop on the perils of this new reform. Roma Startup and Allied for Startups will help you hack the political black box and our expert on intellectual property and information law will help you understand what's coming. Be informed so you can understand and assess how the plans might impact your startup. Find out what you can do to change the copyright plans before it's too late. What’s at stake?

Parts of the EU’s copyright proposal might:

  • create higher liability-risk, i.e. making you liable for user content ;
  • force startups to filter all user-generated content, i.e. you have to police your platform ;
  • outlaw text & data mining for startups , i.e. the bigger the data, the bigger the trouble ;
  • create a neighbouring right for publishers at the expense of startups. i.e. publishers want your money.

Why is this relevant for you? These far-reaching reforms could affect:

  • Startups using snippets or links, media startups, search engines & news aggregators ;
  • Startups conducting data mining & data analytics ;
  • E-commerce, social media or any other platform using user-generated content What can you do? Getting you a seat at the table.
  • Startups aren’t considered in the European Commission’s plans “towards a modern more European copyright framework”. - Let’s change that!
  • These far-reaching reforms might be a game-changer for your business model. Find out how to avoid that.
  • Brussels is not a black box. We help you understand and hack policy making to bring an end to shady backroom deals.


- 16:00 Welcome and Introduction : Gianmarco Carnovale, Roma Startup

- 16:10 Framing and Introduction of #Copyright4Startups, Lenard Koschwitz

- 16:20 Deep-dive: Professor Eleonora Rosati “Why Copyright matters for startups”

- 16:50 Ask-me-anything discussion with entrepreneurs, investors and startup representatives

- 17:20 Making the case & getting traction in public policy: How can copyright accelerate Italian startups ?

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