Adventurous Heart Spring Retreat

Saturday  25 May  2019  11:00 AM    Saturday  1 June  2019 2:00 PM
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Last update 20/04/2019

Rediscover your sacred space of the heart – unwind, energize and tune in to the music of your soul.
When you practice yoga and meditation with intention and a certain quality of heart, you discover your essential self.
It´s like coming home again and this home is not a certain geographic place on earth, but coming home means realizing in your depth who you really are and feel the abundance of your life.
Elke will weave Anusara Yoga, Meditation, Restorative, and Yin Yoga and healing practices to reinvigorate your personal experience. Understanding alignment in your body reflects directly in your mind and you’ll learn how to incorporate these positive energys into your daily life.
Open to both beginners and advanced practitioners, yoga is practiced twice daily except on wednesday where the afternoon and evening is free for a longer excursion.

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