Dark Room presents Hossh Records Label Showcase 001

Saturday  16 February  2019  10:00 PM    Sunday  17 February  2019 8:00 AM
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Last update 18/02/2019

We're teaming up with the Dark Room crew to bring you our first label showcase and going on our holidayz to Label Boss Ankel's home city, Roma.
Since our first release in December we've added two more EP's from the rising Albert Ess and the beat-wizard himself Tommy Vicari Jnr and with our fourth and fifth releases coming in February from Enzo Leep, Radu Mirica, Danielle Nicole and Adonis Rivera we thought it was about time to spin some discs and have a knee's up.
Ankel is locked and loaded with weapons for dayz and we'll be joined by his Italian bros Simone Albani [Pinacoteca], Salvatore Rasola [Dark Room] & Valerio Urso [Dark Room] until the am.
Insieme a Dark Room stiamo portando in Italia la prima data del nostro showcase.
Dalla prima uscita di Dicembre abbiamo aggiunto altri artisti come il giovane Albert Ess ed il mago del groove Tommy Vicari Jnr. A febbraio ne arriveranno altri come Enzo Leep, Radu Mirica, Adonis rivera e abbiamo pensato che fosse giunto il momento di far girare i nostri dischi nei club europei. Dark Room affiancherà al label boss Ankel, alcuni dei più rinomati dj del centro Italia come Simone Albani, Valerio Urso e Salvatore Rasola.
Ankel [Hossh Records]
Simone Albani [Pinacoteca]
Salvatore Rasola [Dark Room]
Valerio Urso [Dark Room]

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