Fatalitá di Laura Rambelli

Tuesday  9 May  2017  3:00 PM    Tuesday  9 May  2017 6:30 PM
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"The chassis wires,"amuleto ropes", are connected to the weaving of fate. Life is closely linked to the plots. This is why we continue to represent them and to weave threads and meetings. "
An installation of sculptures designed by the artist to be exhibited again in the lagoon and that are inspired by the spindle and waterfowl typical of the lagoon that metaphorically keep taut the thread that runs through her work to the "great work" the woman, in close contact with the" great mystery", continues to weave throughout his life, generating, transforming, guardian of birth and death. The installation is in the Andrich House's garden - Torcello (VE), as of May 9 the day when you can see the performance "Fatalità" where the artist and musician Naomi Berrill represent the ancient world weaving, by the loom from the loom's beats to the voices of women at work during the weaving, through primordial gestures and sounds created specially by the musician.
The intention is to carry out the most performance possible near water.
One of the purposes of the event, which began in 2016, is to bring through visual art and music contribute to the lagoon water emotional positive energy: "The water exposed to music for only thirty minutes form crystals that reflect the music ... " Masaru Emoto

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