The hidden letter of Lucrezia Borgia: a renaissance opera dinner experience

Saturday  23 March  2019  7:00 PM    Saturday  23 March  2019 11:59 PM
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Last update 24/03/2019

A renaissance opera dinner experience hosted in an intimate space that can host only 40 guests.

The Hidden Letter of Lucrezia Borgia is a performance that cannot be missed. Followed by a delicious dinner this event will forever stay ingrained in your mind.
This mise-en-scène shows some lyrical arias of Lucrezia Borgia by Donizetti, in turn inspired by the biographical novel by Victor Hugo. Moreover, famous romances, within a current story, will put the figure of the pope's daughter in a new light.
In this story, an imaginary descendant of his finds herself retracing the traces of her legendary ancestor. The discovery of a missing letter opens a scenario on the most hidden mysteries of a time.
The bursting vocality of melodrama is lightened and made more intriguing by unexpected musical incursions and costumes in a setting full of surprises.

Welcome drink of Prosecco
- Black crushed Gaeta olives, anchovies from Civitavecchia, dried tomatoes, oranges from Fondi with buffalo ricotta cheese
- Cream of cicerchie
- Packing cheese and pepper
- Piglet with apple cream
- Spianci pink vinegar
- Panna cotta with persimmon sauce
- Bread
- Water

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