Italian language courses for foreigners

Monday  27 May  2019  11:58 PM    Monday  27 May  2019 11:59 PM
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Italian language courses for foreigners
From 18 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2019
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Italian Language course for foreigners:
Garda English now offers an Italian language course for foreigners who want to learn Italian and have little previous experience with it.
We will use the renowned “Nuovo Espresso” course book, adapted to your needs by the teacher: the aim of each lesson, using exercises and didactic games, will be to familiarize you with the Italian language in a practical way and in a practical context, using grammar explanations to strengthen your instinctive understanding of the language without forgetting to practice speaking, listening-comprehension and writing and reading.
The lessons will be held in Italian, but English will be used – if needed – to explain complex topics and in general to make sure you understand the lesson.
Italian language courses for foreigners: Each course will be 15 hours long, divided in 10 lessons (one and a half hour each), with two lessons every week.
The days and hours will be decided before the beginning of the course based on the needs of the students.
The cost of the course for each participant will be 125 Euros to up to four participants (with more participants it will lower). The price for the appropriate “Nuovo Espresso” course book (around 30 Euros) must also be added to this cost.
Call (3403019539) or write ( to Garda English for more information and to sign up!

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Vicolo Alpino n°3 (Bolognano), 38062 Arco, Italy
vicolo alpino n°3, arco, 38062, italy
Vicolo Alpino n°3 (Bolognano), 38062 Arco, Italy
vicolo alpino n°3, arco, 38062, italy
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