Liu Bolin

Saturday  11 May  2019    Sunday  24 November  2019
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Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin

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Venezia - 11/05/2019 : 24/11/2019

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Indirizzo: San Marco 2765 Calle dello Spezier (Campo Santo Stefano) - Venezia - Veneto
Quando: dal 11/05/2019 - al 24/11/2019 Vernissage: 11/05/2019 ore 14 su invito Autori: Liu Bolin Generi: fotografia, personale Orari: daily 10.30am - 1pm; 2.30 - 7pm Uffici stampa: LIGHTBOX

Comunicato stampa
In conjunction with the 58th International Art Exhibition, Bel Air Fine Art Venice presents the new exhibition entirely dedicated to contemporary photography in its venue in Dorsoduro 728

Guest of honor, the Chinese performer of mimetic photography Liu Bolin and the European photographers Christian Voigt, Antoine Rose, Joel Moens De Hase. The internationally renowned Chinese artist (born in 1973) is known by the general public for his mimetic performances, in which thanks to a careful body painting, his body is fully integrated with the background

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His best known series of photos is Hiding in the City where he touches on universal themes, from the relationship between man and nature to his thought about political power. His research began in 2006 in the Suojia Village of Beijing when the village was dismantled by the authorities that same year. In 2008 Bolin focused its attention on Italy in particular on the preservation of the historical and artistic heritage of the Bel Paese, in contrast to what happens in China, where the destruction of historical districts is systematic and physiological to make room for the new building of the megalopolis . Thus was born Hiding in Italy, followed by another series about the city of New York.

From his first solo show in Beijing in 1998, Liu Bolin's work received international awards, exhibiting his photographs at the most important contemporary photography festival Les Rencontres d'Arles and held solo exhibitions at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, at the Dashanzi Art Zone in Beijing, at the Pompidou Center in Paris and at the United Nations in New York. Among the latest collaborations in the fashion world it is worth noting that for the 2017 advertising campaign of the clothing brand Moncler.

Behind the snapshot of the moment, there is the study, the installation, the painting, the performance of the artist. A process of realization that lasts even days, proving how an artistic photographic image is never the result of a case, but the synthesis of a creative process, often complex, which reveals the conscience of the artist and his intimate knowledge of reality in all its complexity.

Bel-Air Fine Art Dorsoduro will exhibit the artist's works, including an unprecedented photo on English consumerism, never presented in Italy, accompanied by the strong shades images by Christian Voigt, aerial photographs by Antoine Rose and photo-mosaics by Joel Moens De Hase.

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San Marco 2765 Calle dello Spezier (Campo Santo Stefano), Venezia, Veneto, Italy
San Marco 2765 Calle dello Spezier (Campo Santo Stefano), Venezia, Veneto, Italy
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