Yoga Teacher Training in Italy
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Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

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Yoga Teacher Training in Italy
Via Sicilia, Misano Adriatico, Rimini, Italy

YogaMea School, founded by Davide Bedetti and Timea Vitez in 2013, organizes Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Retreats in India and Italy.
Davide is a visionary whose skills as a marketing and advertising expert form the business and management arm of YogaMea School. He specializes in the art of selling and organization.
Timea spent over 20 years living and studying in India and cultivated expertise in Yoga philosophy and Yoga lifestyle. During this time, she collaborated with over 15 schools, being employed as a guest teacher of Yoga asana, Yoga anatomy and physiology, and Yoga philosophy. Her friends and associates of Indian heritage have described her as "the Western that moves like us.” Timea shares her love of Yoga effusively through her eclectic approach to teaching. Her expertise in Yoga philosophy is vast, ranging from the Vedas to the Upanishads, including Ayurveda. Timea has been instructing Yoga for over 25 years and has trained over one-thousand Yoga teachers and new Yoga instructors in Rishikesh and Italy. She is well-recognized and respected for her dedication and humility. Timea is known internationally as a guest teacher and speaker at Yoga Festivals in India.
In 2012, Davide and Timea formed a union, combined their experiences, and founded their own school. Their vision culminated in breathing life into YogaMea School in Italy. They later opened their school in India, with offices in Goa, and eventually in the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh.
YogaMea collaborates with reputable teachers from Rishikesh, India, and other parts of the world. Our aim is to offer our students the best possible teaching and create unique experiences that plant the seeds of inquiry in our students’ mind. Seeds which, once they take root, grow into living an inspired life. We do this by offering Yoga courses and retreats like no other.
In addition, YogaMea is committed to ensuring the cost of Yoga packages are affordable enough to attract Yoga aspirants who love this discipline and want to learn and practice without being restricted by cost constraints.
YogaMea School offers Yoga Teacher Training courses for beginner to advanced level Yoga practitioners and Yoga retreats. We teach this ancient wisdom with profound respect for Indian Yoga traditions.
Among the courses and retreats, we offer:

1. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance, USA) | 4 weeks
2. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance, USA) | 4 weeks
3. 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance, USA) | 8 weeks
4. 50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance, USA) | 1 week
5. 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance, USA) | 2 weeks
6. Yoga Retreats

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