Science Has Finally Counterfeited The Perfect Music - Toni Turi

Saturday  24 February  2018  8:30 PM    Saturday  24 February  2018 10:30 PM
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10 Things You Miss If You Aren’t At This Event:

1. Amazing Latin Pop Rock Songs You Didn't Know Existed

2. 17 Fact About Toni Turi That Will Make Your Hair Stand Up

3. How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying "No, I Haven't Heard Toni Turi's Songs: I Have Been Meaning To!"

4. Everywhere In China Are Raving About This Eye Catching Music, Discover Why!

5. Throw Away Your Old Playlist, This Music Will Keep Your Ears Glued To Your Headphones.

6. Who Else Wants Music & Choreography Running The Show Hand In Hand?

7. It Is Incredible That You Can Get To Such A High Profile Live Gig For The Price Of Just 10 Euros. At This Price It's A Real Steal!

8. Only 200 Sophisticated Pop Rock Gourmet Attendees Are Accepted At The Live Event. Availability Strictly Limited !

9. How Toni Turi Proved That Sitting In A Pyramid Whilst Producing New Music Caused Unexplainable Good Things to Happen

10; Pick The Brain Of My Very Special "Secret" Guests...!

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