Wine Tasting Course in English Language

Thursday  21 March  2019  8:00 PM    Thursday  21 March  2019 10:00 PM
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Recurring event

Wine Tasting Course in English Language
From 14 Mar 2019 to 14 Mar 2019
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The "Assaggiatore di vino" course is designed to obtain the “wine taster” Diploma and to register the wine-taster into the National Register of ONAV Wine Tasters.
The course is made of fifteen 2 -hours-long lessons. Each lesson is split in frontal teaching and wine tasting exercise. More than 50 wines will be tasted.
Everyone can participate to this course. Oenology and wine-tasting background are not required.
The participation fee includes:
1. Two-years subscription to ONAV association,
2. Two-years subscription to L'Assaggiatore magazine,
3. Educational textbook and case with 6 glasses.
The programme
1° - Discover the senses and their memory
Thu. March 7, 20pm-22pm
Elements of physiology of senses, stimula and their
Practical activity on olfactory memory on simple flavors.
Tasting of the first wine.
2° - How much are we sensitive to taste?
Thu. March 14, 20pm-22pm
Taste thresholds. Outline of taste anatomy and physiology.
Practical activity on taste perception.
Tasting of one wine.
3° - How to taste
Thu. March 21, 20pm-22pm
How to taste a wine. The tasting score card.
Tasting of four wines.
4° - Legislation and wine label
Thu. March 28, 20pm-22pm
Wine labels and consumer protection.
Legislation and classification of wines:
the pyramid of wine quality.
Tasting of four wines.
5° - The grapevine: the origin of everything
Tue. April 2, 20pm-22pm
Elements of viticulture. Grape composition.
Juice to fresh mass ratios.
Tasting of four wines.
6° - Enology – From cluster to must
Thu. April 4, 20pm-22pm
Main must biochemical compounds. Grape ripening.
Harvest and grape transport to the winery.
The structure of a winery. Wine tanks and containers.
Tasting of four wines
7° - Enology – Must changes into wine
Thu. April 11, 20pm-22pm
Main biological processes of wine making:
alcoholic and malolactic fermentations.
Primary and secondary metabolites
of the two processes. Tasting of four wines.
8° - Enology – Red wine making
Thu. April 18, 20pm-22pm
Red wine making: different steps
from crushing to racking.
Tasting of four wines.
9° - Enology – White wine making
Thu. May 2, 20pm-22pm
White wine making: different steps
from crushing to storage
Tasting of four wines.
10° - Enology – Alternative red wine making
Thu. May 9, 20pm-22pm
Alternative red wine making: rosé wines.
Wine making under carbonic maceration: novello wines.
Tasting of four wines.
11° - Enology – Fining of wine
Tue. May 14, 20pm-22pm
Fining, stabilization, ageing, bottling.
Tasting of four wines.
12° - Sometimes something goes wrong
Thu. May 16, 20pm-22pm
Main analytical parameters of wine.
Wine alteration and defects.
Tasting of four wines.
13° - Special wines with bubbles
Thu. May 23, 20pm-22pm
Spumante wines. Traditional method and Charmat method.
Tasting of four wines.
14° - Special wines without bubbles
Thu. May 30, 20pm-22pm
Fortified wines, flavored wines and mistelles.
Passito wines.
Tasting of four wines.
15° - Let’s backup together.
Sat. Jun 1, 10pm-13pm (to be confirmed)
General overview of treated topics.
Visit of a wine-estate
Tasting of four wines.
Final exam
Written test.
Tasting of 5 wines.
Registration fee:
€ 500 if you are not ONAV associated Registration form here
€ 430 if you are associated as Amico ONAV
€ 405 if you are not associated to ONAV but you are under 24
€ 345 if you are associated as Aspirante Assaggiatore
To register to the wine course, please:
1. Completely fill out and sign the registration form
2. Pay the fee by bank money transfer to:
- Beneficiary O.N.A.V.
IBAN: IT 04 Q 02008 12612 000103011562
Reason: name of the participant, wine course 2019
3. Send the registration form and the proof of payment to
4. Deadline for registration is March 1st

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